“Application of Virtualization in Cloud Computing”


  • Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar


Cloud Computing, Virtualization, research, study.


Cloud Computing is demarcated as the tactic of calculating where exceedingly climbable IT-associated capabilities are provided “as a service” utilizing Internet technologies to numerous customers. There are numerous descriptions of cloud computing rare of which are cited in this study but the fundamental notion remains the same. There are indispensable features of Cloud Computing which are said in this study. Cloud Computing is grounded on technologies & there are four deployment models in it & architectural layers which are also known as service models. The research paper gives an impression to the readers/audience about fundamentals of Virtualization in Cloud Computing, kinds of virtualization in Cloud Computing & prospect of Application of Virtualization in Cloud Computing in corporate & other regions. Further the advantages & disadvantages of virtualization in cloud computing have been conveyed forward. In my viewpoint I would like to state that it rest on on the business/individual how well it makes utilization of virtualization in cloud computing so that he/she/organization can take full value from its advantages while concurrently dexterously handling the jeopardies involved.The nature of this study is qualitative & the author recommends there are numerous probable ways of research in virtualization in cloud computing which can be ready to lend a hand for the development of society & the world.


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Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar. (2022). “Application of Virtualization in Cloud Computing”. Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 11(2), 106–111. Retrieved from https://eduzonejournal.com/index.php/eiprmj/article/view/99