"Neural Network: Basics and Application”


  • Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar


Neural Network, systems, research, study


Artificial Intelligence deals with various methods of developing systems which display different aspects of intelligent behaviour. These systems are designed and developed to imitate the human capabilities of sensing and thinking. Among the truly successful types of AI are Neural Networks. A neural network is a sequence of set of rules that endeavours to identify underlying associations in a set of data through a procedure that mimics the manner the human brain operates. In this sense, neural networks mention to systems of neurons; either organic or non-natural in nature.There are types of Neural Networks which are mentioned in brief in this study. The research paper contributes a notion to the readers/audience about basics of Neural Network, its use in healthcare & future of Neural Network in commerce & other zones. Further the advantages & disadvantages of Neural Network have been brought forward.The paper is theoretical and based on collected data from secondary sources of information.The nature of this study is qualitative & the novelist endorses there are numerous conceivable ways of research in Neural Network which can be supportive for the progress of the business organizations around the world.


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