"Application of Cloud using Network-As-A-Service in Business”


  • Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar


Mental illnesses, patients, research, study


Cloud Computing is defined as the approach of computing where extremely scalable IT-related capabilities are delivered “as a service” using Internet technologies to many customers. There are many definitions of cloud computing few of which are quoted in this study but the basic concept remains the same. There are service models of Cloud Computing which are mentioned in brief in this study. The Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) service model of Cloud Computing is explained in detail along with all the aspects associated with it. Then it discusses its service models, Need of NaaS, features, benefits and components. The research paper gives an idea to the readers/audience about basics of NaaS, its application in business and future of Cloud Computing using NaaS in business and other areas. Further the advantages and Challenges of cloud computing using NaaS have been brought forward. The paper is theoretical and based on collected data from secondary sources of information. The nature of this study is qualitative and the author recommends there are many possible directions of research in cloud computing using Network-As-A-Service which can be helpful for the growth of the business organizations around the world.


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Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar. (2022). "Application of Cloud using Network-As-A-Service in Business”. Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 11(2), 84–89. Retrieved from https://eduzonejournal.com/index.php/eiprmj/article/view/94