Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Environments


  • Ajay Chandra


Data Sharing, Cloud Computing


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, the privacy-preserving sharing of data stands as a paramount concern, especially given the remote storage and processing of sensitive information. This research article embarks on a thorough exploration of the manifold techniques and formidable challenges entailed in realizing privacy-preserving data sharing within cloud computing environments. Delving deep into the intricate fabric of cryptographic methodologies, anonymization strategies, and access control paradigms, we illuminate the diverse arsenal employed to safeguard sensitive data while fostering seamless sharing and collaborative endeavors among users. Moreover, this article casts a spotlight on emerging trends that hold promise in reshaping the landscape, alongside elucidating the persistent research challenges that beckon innovation. By delineating potential future directions, this discourse aims to furnish a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the complex terrain of privacy-preserving data sharing in the realm of cloud computing.


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