Tamil Sangam Literature: A Journey through History, Culture, and Literary Brilliance


  • N. R. Gopal


Tamil Identity, Tamil Sangam Literature, Literary Heritage, Themes of Sangam Literature


The Sangam period, which lasted from 300 BCE to 300 CE, saw a flourishing of Tamil literature, reflecting the Tamil people's rich cultural legacy. This article examines the historical significance, cultural achievements, themes, genres, and notable worksof Tamil Sangam literature. It dives into the history of Tamil literature, tracing its roots to ancient times and emphasizing its link to the Sangam period. It looks at the socio-political environment of the era, including the presence of the Chera, Chola, and Pandya kingdoms and the role that royal patronage played in promoting literary growth. The themes and genres of Sangam literature, such as love, war, nature, ethics, and classification into Akam and Puram, are examined, showcasing the diversity and depth of literary works. Notable works and authors, including “Silappatikaram”, “Manimekalai”, Thiruvalluvar, Kapilar, and Avvaiyar, are conversed, highlighting their contributions to Tamil literature and their lasting influence. The article also briefly surveysthe Sangam period's language and literary style, describing the evolution of the Tamil language and poetic devices and conventions employed in the literature. It concludes by emphasizing the significance of Tamil Sangam literature in preserving the cultural and literary heritage of Tamil people and its enduring impact on Tamil language literature identity.It also encourages further exploration and study of this rich heritage.


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