Educational Thoughts of J. Krishnamurthy


  • Dr. Bhavanaben A. Modi Assist. Prof., B.D. Shah College of Education, Modasa, Aravalli, Gujarat


Educational Thoughts , J. Krishnamurthy


In present era, it will be useful to study the educational thoughts of the great thinkers so that We can cope up with
the problems of education. For that noble reason investigator has decidedfollowing titleforresearch : Educational
Thoughts of J.Krishnamurthy.The objectives of the research paper were:To study the ideas of Krishnamurthy’s on
education incontext with reference to the objective of education , curriculum and syllabus, teaching methods,
discipline and place of teacher in school. Three books of J. Krishnamurthy were selected purposively for the study.
The major findings of the study were as follows:According to J Krishnamurthy, no system in the world can save a
man from the hardships of earning a living unless one adopt a real approach to the whole of life from prajna and
stop taking a merely rational approach. Truth of life is not to be found from outside but from within. The
foundation of one's development depends on sound knowledge. According to Krishnamurthy, one of the functions of
education is to free everyone from fear. One should be independent thinking, independent living and acting
independently. Through which our difficulties can be understood and removed.Whenone is surrounded by
knowledge the search for wisdom cannot be attained but only when there is no knowledge it is found.Vocational
training should be given in every school so that the child can establish relevance to the existing life.


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