"Development of Haryanvi Folklore Music by Women"


  • Dr. Sandhya Sharma


Folklore, Female, Haryana, Development, Culture


Folklore is a precious element, who begin with the origin of the universe and its cultural boundaries spread with the extension of the world. In Indian culture and society Folklore played expressive and meaningful  role. A complete element filled with originality, expression and simplification called folk music. In our Haryana life of female is full of challenges.  When we want to know about the contribution of women in Haryanvi folklore we can see , how their life  style, living situations , feelings, sorrow, love, beauty, exploation all the elements are attached with folk music because folk music is the name of female expression in Haryana. In Haryana folk music tradition is divided into two important parts. First one is Kissa Gayan Shelly which is usually called Swang or Saang and second one is Muktak Shelly and in this category lokgeet of various rituals or occasions has come . Swang has limited to the male society. Only male were the part of this art form either in the role of performance or audience. In Swang all the characters of female  has performed by males in female attire. In short female were not the part of this art form ,now in these days some one or two female artists lead these Swang groups professionally and  in colleges and universities girls are also participating in this art form. On the other side female protect and develop the chain of  haryanvi folk music  from one generation to another generation with a very innocent manner. Haryana is known as a land of male dominance and haven't any place of feelings or happiness of female . When we deeply trying to watch the exact situation of female fertility here , It has been cleared that the existence of ladies are here to do hard work for family in fields and house, originate of new generation especially give birth to a baby boy. In all these circumstances how female develop and protect the haryanvi folk music from grandmother to  granddaughter with its original fragrance ,that I am trying to say in my research paper.


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