New Media Practitioners’ Identity Parameters and New Media Usage


  • Dr. Benul Tomar


New Media, Consumption patterns, identity parameters, family, etc.


This study of new media user-practitioners (agency) among Delhi-NCR university students is based on new media engendered traits and dispositions on the agency. This research was conducted on 300 students and the information was collected through using convenience sampling by administering a schedule by the researcher. The studyinvolved assessing the volume and nature of indulgence of the participant-students’ with the new media enabled smart devices and the different internet platforms offered by them. It also involved assessing the identity of the practitioners in terms of their family, type, locality and family income, among others. The goal was to understand the variation of new media usage volume with the above-mentioned basic identity parameters.The results revealed certain parameters are positively associated with heavy media usage in varying degrees.


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