Enhancing Production Data Pipeline Monitoring and Reliability through Large Language Models (LLMs)


  • Mitesh Mangaonkar, Venkata Karthik Penikalapati


Data Pipelines, Data Engineering, LLM, On-call, Monitoring, Data-ops


This article presents a novel approach to managing data and pipeline operations in production settings, specifically focusing on utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs). With their advanced natural language processing techniques, LLMs can effectively understand complex data flows, identify bottlenecks, and predict pipeline failures by analyzing logs, alerts, and real-time feeds. The essay introduces examples demonstrating the considerable enhancements in mistake identification, underlying cause examination, and predictive maintenance accomplished by executing LLMs in data pipelines. The article also explores the integration of LLMs with traditional monitoring tools, creating a unified system that combines artificial intelligence and rule-based methods. Despite challenges such as scalability and data reliability, the article concludes by providing a forward-thinking perspective on the role of LLMs in enhancing operational efficiency and advancing autonomous data management systems. This study seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the transformative potential of LLMs in monitoring, alerting, and mitigating data pipelines for organizations seeking to leverage artificial intelligence in their data operations. We implemented the system as an on-call slack bot developed through a backend system across two enterprise companies. It involved several data engineering teams and a dedicated on-call process to support their data production data pipelines. We examined the efficacy of the LLM-based data dependability mechanism by gathering measurements such as data delay, mistake ratio, data handling duration, and SLA, which are vital for ensuring data pipelines' smooth and efficient functioning.


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Mitesh Mangaonkar, Venkata Karthik Penikalapati. (2024). Enhancing Production Data Pipeline Monitoring and Reliability through Large Language Models (LLMs). Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 13(1), 51–56. Retrieved from https://eduzonejournal.com/index.php/eiprmj/article/view/520