‘’Review Study on Disease Gridhrasi’’


  • Dr. Nilesh Patil, Dr. Rajeshwari Kadkol, Dr. Vidyarani Biradar


Vatvikar, Dhatuksaya, Grdhrasi, Nidanpanchak, Chikitsa, Pathya Apathaya


Gridhrasi, one of thecrippling disorders commonly seen now-a-days and affecting a large group of the society.Gridhrasi is a pain dominant disorder affecting the snayu and kandara. Vata dosa is the main culprit in the gridhrasi especially vyana and apana vayu. Other dosa can also modify theclinical presentation in which kapha is major player. This vitiated dosa or dusya afflict the rasa, maṁsa, asthi, majja and snayu involving related srotas produce the alarming symptoms in sphik initially followed with progressive radiation to distal part of the legs. The involvement of kapha dosa in its pathogenesis, results in the occurrence of typical symptoms like aruchi, tandra (feeling of tiredness), gaurava and is named as vatakaphaja grdhrasi. Description of gridhrasi in bruhatrayi and laghutrayi are in a concise form but ample enough to understand the condition practically. Observations showed a close resemblance to epidemiology of disease in terms of age group between 40-60 years considered as parihanikala (Su.Su. 35/29) denoting a period of dhatuksaya (deterioration of body structures) which may lead to vataprakopa and grdhrasi consequently1.


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Dr. Nilesh Patil, Dr. Rajeshwari Kadkol, Dr. Vidyarani Biradar. (2024). ‘’Review Study on Disease Gridhrasi’’. Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 13(1), 16–21. Retrieved from https://eduzonejournal.com/index.php/eiprmj/article/view/504