Ethnic Bias Explored in ‘The Bluest Eye’


  • Dr. Anju Malik Associate Professor, Department of English, Pt. NRS Govt. College, Rohtak


Ethnic Group, Contentious issues, Race, Ethnic Discrimination.


Toni Morrison's 1970 book "The Bluest Eye," which explores the complicated issues of racial identity, beauty ideals, and ethnic prejudice. This is her first novel. The novel, which takes place in the early 1940s, concentrates on a young African American girl named Pecola Breedlove who longs for blue eyes and thinks that having them will make her attractive and acceptable in a society where whiteness is frequently held up as the pinnacle of beauty. One of the most contentious issues in modern society is ethnicity. Human civilization is segmented along racial & geographic boundaries. Race and ethnicity serve as the most potent languages of human diversity and community. A dominant ethnic minority frequently tends to normalize aspects of its own culture in that country. This book serves as an image, showing us the dreadful results of black people adopting beliefs from a white culture that both overtly and covertly hates them. Even though slavery was formally ended thanks to the courageous efforts of great leaders, African Americans are still not treated on a par with white people.



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