Thermal Performance Analysis of Wire Mesh Solar Air Heater


  • Anand Patel


Wire Mesh Solar Air Heater, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, K-type thermocouples


Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy that is used for drying, desalination and hot water heating. Solar energy, one of the renewable energy sources, is an alternative energy source with many advantages compared to fossil fuels. Air heating has a wide range of industrial applications and electric heating coils are commonly used to achieve this purpose, which consumes a lot of energy. Air humidification is also commonly used in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries. The aim of the current work is to design and develop an experimental setup to enable hot air dryers using solar energy as a heat source and to achieve this objective wire mesh solar air heater is fabricated and K Type thermocouples are used to measure temperature at various locations and blower is used to supply air to the heater.



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