Rehabilitation and Repairing of Reinforced Concrete Structure


  • Dr. Rambha Thakur, Ashok Kumar


Worldwide, there is a high need for strengthening and repairing damaged reinforced concrete buildings. Recent study shows that FRP composites are a viable alternative to established methods for strengthening and repairing concrete. FRP composites improve load carrying capacity, impact resistance, and inhibit fracture formation in structural members. FRPs have been extensively used as interior and external reinforcing materials for structural strengthening and rehabilitation. AFRP/CFRP/GFRP synthetic fibre reinforced polymers have been utilised for strengthening and retrofitting for 30 years. This FRP wrapping strengthens the structural integrity of the structure by acting as an outside strengthening layer to the structural elements. The current study's main goal is to investigate the behaviour of a flexural part reinforced and restored with various FRP materials wrapped in various patterns and layers. This study used E-Glass fibre as a structural reinforcement to boost the strength and stability of the various structural elements.


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