An analysis of Urbanization in Haryana


  • Balwan Singh Assoc. Professor (Geography), Govt. PG College, Hisar, Haryana


urbanisation, hierarchy, cities, statehood, influx, partition, industrial hub


Urban population of Haryana recorded more than fifteen times increase; from 5.7 lakh in 1901 to 88.2 lakh in 2021. A two-fold increase (from 17.07 per cent in 1951 to 34.88 per cent in 2021), with wide variations at district level, in the proportion of urban population from 1951-2021 has been observed for the state as a whole. In 1951, Ambala was the most urbanized (37.19 per cent) and Faridabad was the least urbanized district with 6.24 per cent of urban population. But, at present, Faridabad is the most urbanized district with 79.51 per cent urban population because of its development as industrial hub of Haryana. By contrast, Mewat is the least urbanized district of the state with only 11.39 per cent urban population.


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