Scope of Dairy Development in India


  • Dr. Anil Kumar Associate Professor in Department of Economics, Department of Higher Education Himachal Pradesh


Producer, Contributors, Dairy Farmers, Operation Flood, Self-Reliant.


India is the largest producer of milk in the world and it is also largest consumer of milk consuming almost its
whole milk production. Dairy industry in India is one of the important contributors in the India GDP. India
dairy have played important role in the rural development of India and has shaped lives of millions of dairy
farmers. The present study analyses the growth and development of Indian dairy industry and challenges faced
by it. Government agencies and policymakers of India have started various dairy development programs for the
development of Indian dairy industry such Key Villages Scheme, Intensive Cattle Development Program and
Operation Flood. These dairy development programs have written the success story of Indian dairy development
and have played important role in becoming self-reliant in dairy production. Although India is self-reliant in
dairy production but its dairy industry is facing challenges also such as small size of herds, lack of investment,
prevention of disease in animals, inefficiency of organized sector etc.



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